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Join us and Bruce Miller, Artistic Director for the Virginia Repertory Theater, for a hilarious and heart-warming presentation on the founding of the Barksdale Theater at Hanover Tavern. Bruce has been in the organization since 1971 and has seen in grow and develop over the years. In 2012, Barksdale merged with Theatre IV to create Virginia Rep, which will celebrate its 70th anniversary this summer.

“On August 1, 1953, six NYC actors all in their twenties, two children, a dog and two pigs purchased and moved into a falling down relic known as Hanover Tavern.  They had no money.  They invested every penny they could beg, borrow or bamboozle to cover the $2,500 down payment, making their last remittance with a jarful of nickels, dimes and quarters.  When they moved in, there was no glass in the windows, no indoor plumbing.  They spent the next several years working in partnership with the good people of Hanover to save the Tavern AND establish Barksdale Theatre, metro Richmond’s first professional performing arts organization of the modern era.”

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