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The Barter Players present the musical Jack and the Beanstalk.

Jack is different from the other kids: every time it rains, he hears beautiful music up in the sky. Then one day the rain stops, and the ensuing drought forces Jack into town to sell his beloved cow, Bessie. Before he gets there, he meets a swindler who sends him instead on a madcap adventure up a magical beanstalk—an adventure that includes six quick-changing actors playing an entire town full of people, a Goose that lays golden eggs, a singing Golden Harp, and one angry Giant!

With over 25 years of touring experience, The Barter Players perform world-class theatre for young audiences all around the United States. Because of their fierce theatricality and no holds-barred acting, they have a following among both children and adults alike. The child in all of us deserves wild adventure, incredible story, and the excitement of live theatre.