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Announcing the 3rd Annual Ashland Book Festival, Read Broadly!
‍Senator Tim Kaine has served people throughout his life as a teacher, civil rights lawyer, and elected official. He is one of only thirty people in American history to be a mayor, governor, and U.S. Senator. In 2019 Kaine commemorated both his sixtieth birthday and his twenty-fifth year in public office by undertaking a three-part journey across the Virginia landscape as he hiked, cycled, and canoed across the state. His chronicle of the journey became an organic reflection of the extraordinary events occurring across America during that time, including impeachment trials, a global pandemic, growing racial protests, the January 6th attack on the Capitol, and more.
In his memoir “Walk Ride Paddle: A Life Outside,” Senator Tim Kaine shares his epic 1,228-mile journey into the faraway nearby. On a quest to find the best in himself and in all of us, Kaine hiked 559 miles on the Appalachian Trail, cycled 321 miles through the Blue Ridge Mountains, and paddled 348 miles on the James River—creating the Virginia Nature Triathlon is in the process. “Walk Ride Paddle: A Life Outside” is a field guide for the soul and a moving testament to the optimistic spirit of America.

The Senator will be joined by Jon Lugbill, Executive Director of Sports Backers.