Who would we be without our furry friends? Most of us would rather stay inside than leave our precious pups behind. Fortunately, Ashland is a pet-friendly place to visit or vacation without worrying about our buddies back home. Parks, trails, and even walks beside the rails can be found in this pet-loving town. You can also bring your dog along to many of Ashland’s best shops, markets, and eateries, meaning you can treat both yourself and your four-legged friend.

Parks and Trails

Ashland’s walkability is one of the many reasons the town is a haven for pet owners. Everywhere you turn, there’s a new trail or exciting opportunity to explore. The Stony Run Trailhead is popular with both residents and visitors looking to bike, run, or simply walk the dog. With its family-friendly path and natural beauty, Stony Run will have your pet socializing with animals and people alike. If your dog likes a good adventure, explore the woods in Carter Park. The grounds are 13.5 acres of fun and include picnic areas and public pavilions for rest after a run. A more active pursuit with an athletic pup is the Fall Line Trail. Ashland’s lovely Trolley Line Trail is the first segment in what will soon become the Fall Line Trail, a 43-mile, world-class regional trail connecting seven localities.

For a pet who prefers a short stroll over extended exercise, a walk through Ashland’s downtown neighborhoods makes for a delightful day. Enjoy beautiful architecture and historic homes; you will probably stumble upon one of the plentiful dog “pots” stocked with baggies. This charming area is certainly used to (and grateful for!) an abundance of canines.

Restaurants and Pet-friendly Patios

Need some rest and rations after exploring Ashland? The options are unique and bountiful. Origin Beer Lab always has an inspired selection on tap, andpatio of origin beer lab their scientific approach to brewing brings one-of-a-kind creations that deserve a spot on your must-try list. Order up a sour or IPA while your dog lounges on the patio or beer garden.

Speaking of patios, many of Ashland’s eateries expect you to bring your pet along for the fun. The Caboose Market and Café in Ashland sits right by the railroad tracks where you and pup can enjoy patio views of all that downtown has to offer. The market is stocked with affordable wines, cheeses, and snacks, while the restaurant boasts farm-to-table fare featuring shareables like small plates and charcuterie boards.

Come sit under a patio umbrella at Homemades by Suzanne, a local favorite for over forty years. This gourmet deli and bakery has homemade sweets, soups, and sandwiches or boxed lunches to go. Suzanne’s masterful meals are so good that you may even want to drop delicious bites to your dog so he can experience the delicious goods too.

For a farmer’s market feel with a deep connection to community, FoodiO is an excellent dining decision. FoodiO is a farmer’s market and eatery that focuses on empowering people through food by offering farm-to-plate cooking classes, fundraisers, and—of course—a super tasty meals. Bring your pet and enjoy a fresh, locally sourced breakfast or lunch on their patio.

Shopping and Socializing with Pup

The community of Ashland understands the connection between people and their pets. That’s why animal accommodations can be found in virtually every corner of town. Perhaps you’re exploring near the Ashland Library. Have a seat in their outside plaza and let your pet drink from the doggy water fountain. The Ashland Visitor and Train Station also love visits from pets; stop by for information on all things Ashland and let the staff serve your pets a treat.

On Saturdays from May through October, stop by the Ashland Farmers Market at Town Hall to shop for agricultural and food products created within a 30-mile radius of town. Enjoy fresh produce, meats, flowers, baked goods, and more as beloved local vendors line the street. The event itself is incredibly dog-friendly with bowls of water waiting for your pet.

Maybe you want to pick up supplies or pamper your animal while in Ashland. Fin and Feather Pet Center of Ashland is a locally owned store that brings the highest quality dog foods to its customers. Their holistic, all-natural and grain-free foods come with a 100% guarantee, so you know you’re giving your pet only the best brands. Stop by and see for yourself—they love your pets as much as you do.

Visit Ashland with Your Animal Companion

Bring the whole family to this lively small town and see why Ashland residents lovingly refer to it as the center of the universe. In fact, come center your (and your pet’s) universe in Ashland today.